Understand The Results Of Technology Changes.

The Internet is full of articles that discuss technology’s quickly changing pace. Looking back on how technology affected our lives ten years ago, we see a drastically different image from now. About 20 years ago, it seemed almost incredible to see how we have advanced in so short a time.

How quick is the change, then? One thing is sure, the degree or rate of change is accelerating. This shows that significant disruptive changes over ten years can now occur during five years or even faster. In 2010 Gartner anticipated that the widespread adoption is 5 to 10 years away from cloud computing, cloud/web platforms, and media tablets. I think we’re there in three short years. 3D Printing has been positioned for more than ten years until mainstream adoption, and in this technology field, we already see significant advances and acceptance.

The cause for the acceleration is presumably two-fold in technology advancement. First of all, we have a global, continuously expanding, and diversifying IT industry. Forbes makes technology one of the highest-growing industries, supported mainly by big data, cloud computing, and increasing interest in molecular computing. The second cause for the quick shift is the demand of the consumer. Consumers are hungry for a faster, longer life, lighter, greater mobility, more features, etc. drives the pressures on software and hardware makers to constantly develop. As long as all of these market pressures prevail, my advice is to fix your seat belt and prepare for a fantastic trip.

Technology change our lives

What do we have to expect? The 10-year view is placed on 3D organic printing, human growth, mobile robots, and quantum computing. We know now, these breakthrough innovations are likely to be expected much sooner.

The question is, “How can you prepare for the technological developments that will influence your life?” One crucial decision is what your consumer profile is? Are you an early adopter, or are you waiting side-by-side to assess whether technology is worth your time and energy? Face it, technological change requires energy and relearning. It would be best if you retrained the old brain from something so basic as buying a new cellular phone to dealing with the latest business intelligence technologies.

The solution to me is simple. If you want to work in the IT business or make sure you have the latest technology, you must devote yourself to set aside time for learning and relearning. You have to keep in mind what you learned five years ago. This technology has progressed. To remain relevant in this market, your expertise needs to be seen as a depreciating asset. Unless you add new knowledge and talents regularly, you will go through a retail shop like previous years’ cell phone model.

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