How To Increase The Chances Of A Successful Data Recovery

Over the course of this blog series, we have looked at the different types of data loss, such as the difference between  data loss due to logical or physical errors  , or typical signs of hard disk drive (HDD) and solid state drive (SSD) failure. Now that you know  how to detect data loss , let’s move on to the last step: the right steps for a successful data recovery. 

Increase Data Recovery Success : Data Loss Due To Physical Errors :

As previously described, physical damage can be caused by a variety of reasons: falling equipment, spilled liquids, water or fire. If your device has suffered data loss due to physical damage, there are a few things to keep in mind. Otherwise more data could be lost. 

  • Never shake the damaged device or attempt to clean it.
  • If the device has visible damage, do not attempt to repair it.
  • Turn off the storage device  immediately  . Continued use may make data recovery impossible.
  • Do not use data recovery software.
  • In the event of fire damage, do not attempt to remove the hard drive from PCs or laptops.
  • Do not dry any  water damage , e.g. with a hair dryer.

Increase Recovery Success : Data loss Due To logical Errors :

In case of logic errors, it is best to shut down the device immediately and contact a Data Recovery expert. The longer a device with a logic error is operational, the greater the chances that data will be lost forever.

On track’s top tips for professional data recovery : No matter the circumstances, there are 5 tips that always make sense in the event of data loss:

Data Recovery

Stop : If you are confronted with data loss, the best thing to do is to immediately stop all activities on the computer and make a note of exactly what happened. The more accurate, the better.  

Keep Calm : Take a moment before reacting. Hasty actions can worsen the situation.  

DIY…with caution : Most importantly, never try to do it yourself if the device is physically defective.  In the case of logical errors, it might make sense to use data recovery software. Simply speak to a data recovery expert. Speaking of…

Contact an expert : You probably need an expert’s opinion to properly assess your data loss situation. On track data recovery engineers are at your disposal for a free initial analysis. So you know what Youtube data can be recovered .

The medium should be well packaged when sending it to a data recovery service provider : On track will collect your medium from you free of charge. However, it should be well packaged for transport to the data recovery lab. It is best to wrap the device up tightly and pad the cavities well with newspaper or plastic wrap. The device should not be able to slide around in the packaging. If your device has water or fire damage, please do not try to clean it. Just pack it in a sealable plastic bag to avoid further contamination. 

We have come to the end of our Data Recovery 101 series. Rely on data recovery experts when you face data loss. We have experience with all types of data recovery and offer you the possibility of a free analysis before you start the actual data recovery. So you and your data are on the safe side.