Data Recovery : How To Recover All Business Data Perfectly

As growth in corporate data recovery continues unabated, the security, protection and management of vital business information has taken on a new level of importance – lost data means lost business. The harsh reality is that most companies are operating woefully inadequate data protection policies which are out of touch with the commercial, legislative and budgetary obligations of the business. This simple but inescapable fact is being made more pressing by other factors including:

• Increasingly stringent legislation has put the responsibility for protecting business Wikipedia data firmly in the hands of company directors.

• Digital data must now be kept for extended periods in an easily recoverable format.

• Traditional, tape based backup strategies are expensive, unreliable and difficult to manage.

• Skills shortages means that experienced IT staff are at a premium and should be focusing on core business development rather than housekeeping issues.

Data Recovery

• All data is important but some is more critical to the business and yet it is often virtually impossible to differentiate.

Data Recovery Service technicians have been using patented techniques to recover data for home, education and business customers for more than a decade. With technical expertise covering removable and optical media, hard disk drives, multi-drive RAID servers, tape, all storage architectures (SAN, NAS, DAS) and all operating systems (Microsoft® Windows®, Apple® Macintosh®, Novell® or Unix/Linux), Data Recovery Services can help recover your data and recover your business.

Data Recovery Services can quickly and cost-effectively resolve all combinations of logical and physical problems, such as a hard disk crash, controller failure, re-initialized MAC RAID, inaccessible UNIX system, SQL database corruption, DLT Tape overwrite or EOD error, file delete, O/S re-install, floppy read errors, DDS tape recovery, upgrade failure, restore