Actions To Avoid To Preserve Your Chances Of Data Recovery

A damaged or inaccessible hard drive is a warning signal for its user: the files it contains are in danger! But as hell is paved with good intentions, wanting to do too much to try to recover them can lead to the opposite effect: the permanent loss of the Data Recovery. We have listed 5 actions that can definitely lead to this end…

Reminder: one failure, several possible causes :

A hard drive is designed to withstand common shocks and temperature surges, but it has its limits. A violent fall, prolonged exposure to high heat, the effect of condensation: multiple factors can lead to mechanical failure of the hard drive, and result in damaged read heads, scratched platters or a seized motor.

The hard disk is also susceptible to electrical damage (overvoltage, short circuit, etc.), which can burn out the PCB most often. A storage medium can also become unusable without being physically damaged. We will then speak of a logical failure (formatting, file system corruption, mishandling, etc.). In most cases, it is still possible to recover data from a failed hard drive. Provided you do not amplify the problem by adopting bad reflexes.

Continue to use a damaged hard drive :

Suspicious noise, slow performance, bad sectors, inaccessible data: the hard drive can continue to function while clearly showing signs of fatigue. Keeping an ostrich and continuing to use it at all costs runs the risk of accelerating its end of life… and reducing the chances of recovering the data, due to a tray that is too damaged or new writings that come to erase lost files. 

Data Recovery

Leave the device powered on :

Static electricity being the enemy of the hard disk – and of the majority of computer components – it is advisable not to leave a device powered on in order to discharge it. There is a simple principle: a hard drive that is not powered on cannot suffer data loss! With the exception of SSD hard drives, when exposed to heat.

Self-open HDD for diagnosis or repair :

Do-it-yourself is rarely a good philosophy when it comes to hard drive data preservation. Opening it yourself involves a major risk: its exposure to ambient air, which will invariably result in the deposit of dust on the trays or even fingerprints when handling the storage medium. Enough to generate a chain reaction until data corruption . Data recovery professionals perform this operation in a clean room to ensure a healthy environment, equipped with the proper equipment to preserve the hardware and its components.

Download data recovery software :

The first instinct when hard drive Linkedin data is inaccessible is to enter the query “hard drive data recovery” into a search engine. And then appears a litany of data recovery software promising to regain access to lost files. But this breaks two golden rules stated earlier: power up the hard drive and use it, which increases the risk of permanent data loss .